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  Mexico’s Sonora Coast 

Isla Tiburon view

Getting There:  By Plane: Aero California, phone: 62/60-25-55 in Mexico, or 1-800/237-6225 in U.S.; daily nonstop from L.A. and Tuscon to Hermosillo, Sonora’s capital, 40 miles east of Bahio Kino.
Aero Mexico and Aero Litoral, phone: 1-800-237-6639 in U.S., or 62/22-01-23 in Mexico; (01-800/021-4000); daily flights from L.A. to Hermosillo and from Tuscon to Hermosillo and Guaymas.

By Car:  Tuscon via I-19 to Highway 15 in Nogales. At the checkpoint 13 miles south of Nogales, one can purchase Mexican insurance (a necessity) or in Tucson at Sanborn's Mexico Insurance (2900 E. Broadway, 520-327-1255) or Arizona Auto Association (8204 E. Broadway, 520-296-7461). There are car rental agencies in Phoenix, Tucson, Hermosillo and Guaymas.

Guided Tours: 

Arizona Coach Tours ( 5865 E. 2nd St., Tucson, AZ 85711; 520-748-0369); Mexico Tours ( 520-325-3284); Apex Mexi Tours ( 520-806-1631).

Ask any hotel or RV park in Old or New Kino for a guide. Our guide Chano had once guided Jacque Cousteau and Euell Gibbons.
A memorable day boat trip is available from nearby San Carlos to untouched San Pedro Island, a haven for sea lions and sea birds. Contact Gary's Boat Trips for info (622/6-00-49).

Visitor Information:

Sonora Department of Tourism (1-800-4-SONORA)
Hermosillo (621/17-00-60)
Guaymas (622/2-17-51)
San Carlos (622/6-12-22)

Useful Guidebooks: Lonely Planet Mexico


Staying There: Here are some recommended lodging establishments when you are not camping on the beach.
Hermosillo - Hotel Gandara (Blvd. E. Kino 1000; 62/14-44-14)
Bahia Kino - Anchor House (Mar de Cortes 3525, Kino Nuevo, 624/2-01-41)
Kino Bay RV Park and Motel (624/2-00-83)
Guaymas - Playa de Cortes (622/1-12-24)
San Carlos - San Carlos Plaza Hotel and Resort (Senora's most luxurious) 800-854-2320 U.S.

Dining: The State of Sonora is known for great seafood, Carne Asada (grilled meat), and the giant flour tortilla. It is a haven for shrimp lovers. A few recommended restaurants include: Xochimilco (Hermosillo, Au Obregon 51); Marlin (Old Kino); Los Delfines (Guaymas, end of Blvd. Sanchez Taboada); El Pueblito (San Carlos, San Carlos Plaza Hotel).

Travel Suggestions: Do not drive at night! Drink bottled water except at reputable hotels and restaurants that have purification systems. Wash vegetables thoroughly before eating. Eat peeled fruit. Carry toilet tissue.. If you enter Mexico with a car, you must leave with it. Discount airline tickets are sometimes available at 1-800/FLY-4-LESS. Pack as lightly as possible as Mexico offers many unique shopping possibilities. Check with your local bank on the current currency exchange rates. While the U.S. dollar remains stable, the Mexican peso varies.

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